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Crafton Elementary School

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Crafton Elementary School
Crafton Elementary School
311 North Wabash Avenue

Welcome to Crafton School in Redlands, California. We are proud to tell you about our fine school Community Information:

Crafton School 1880

Crafton Elementary school was established in 1888 and is one of the oldest schools in Redlands Unified School District. The oldest building on campus today is our library, which was dedicated in 1929. The rest of the buildings were constructed in the 50’s and modernized approximately 15 years ago. Crafton School is located in the eastern San Bernardino Valley. It is surrounded by orange groves, enjoys warm weather year-around, and yet has beautiful views of the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains of Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.

Crafton has a proud reputation for educating generations of students. Many of our students’ parents and grandparents attended Crafton. Some of our staff members are even past students and many of their own children have attended school here. We have a strong PTA and volunteer support system to complement our dedicated staff. Crafton’s student achievement rates exceed state and district averages. We have one of the largest elementary populations in Redlands, and we serve nearly 700 students from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

The Zanja Creek runs next to our school and provides a wonderful environmental area for study by our students. We have numerous school gardens on campus which allow for hands-on exploration and study as well as developing student observation skills. There are opportunities throughout the school year for families to participate in our "Garden Club."

Our area is rich in history. Located in the Inland Empire, orange groves originally dominated the region. However, with recent population growth, new home developments have expanded and our population has become increasingly diverse. We are close to the University of Redlands as well as to Crafton Hills College. This allows our students the opportunity to participate in many of their cultural programs. 

Special Programs:

  • Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)
  • Accelerated Reader (AR)
  • Extensive Library with AR books delineated
  • Updated Innovation Lab


Working with Crafton PTA, REP Foundation, Barnes & Noble, and Shakey's Pizza to provide extra-curricular activities and student incentives.

Other Services:

We have learning diverse Special Day Classes serving grades K-5 and an SAI classroom where students receive Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI). Our Crafton parent volunteers are awesome! They participate in many schoolwide events such as; Red Ribbon week, Running Club, GATE after-school offerings, and PTA sponsored activities designed to build community amongst our families. Our ELL students have the opportunity to participate in after-school classes, drama presentations, and a computerized support program called Lexia English. 

Student Accomplishments:

Crafton students live up to the high academic standards of our school as evidenced by our student's CAASP results that are generally above county, state, and national averages. 

Mission and Vision

  • Purpose
    • At Crafton Elementary School, we will provide our students with the necessary tools to reach their full potential in our changing world.
  • Core Values
    • *Be Passionate About Learning  *Be People of Character   *Be Welcoming to All

Mission At Crafton Elementary School, we give our students the opportunity to discover and develop their full potential in our changing world. All students, staff, and families are collaboratively engaged in an adaptive growth mindset as positive contributing members of the school community. We are committed to preparing our students to be productive participants in a diverse, multi-cultural, and inclusive society. Through innovative, equitable, and flexible programs, we are determined to ensure the success of all students in fully achieving district and common core standards. Our students will be self-confident and prepared to be valuable citizens of the world.   

Vision In alignment and support of our district's vision for students and education, we will incorporate these statements for our school.

  • Innovative spaces where all our students can explore and participate in technology-based learning experiences
  • Excellence in academics with rigor and differentiation in all subject areas
  • Provide opportunities for the Crafton community to reflect, grow, and build relationships
  • Equity for all students by supporting the whole child- socially, emotionally, academically, and behaviorally
  • A safe and secure learning environment where all students can thrive